Pukunui partners with IntelliBoard to provide advanced learning analytics and reporting to Malaysian Moodle users

By  Jonathan Mathew

Pukunui Malaysia are delighted to announce our partnership with IntelliBoard. An Intelligent Dashboard that provides learning analytics and reporting services to education communities and institutions. Our team can integrate your Moodle LMS with IntelliBoard to track and improve user engagement, identify at-risk learners, create better assessments, and more.

How can learning analytics help you?

Watch this quick video to get an overview of the platform:


The problem

As a Course Creator, E-Learning Director, or Learning & Development Manager, it can often be difficult to:
– Define success metrics and see if your learners are hitting their targets
– Identify which of your courses are successful and which ones need attention
– Justify or establish a solid ROI for the money spent on your LMS

Our solution

Rather than spending a huge amount of time and money hiring an experienced data scientist, Pukunui will be your local provider for IntelliBoard and integrate it with your Moodle LMS.

You can:
– Track and analyse the success of your courses in real-time
– Identify at-risk learners and engage with the right people at the right time
– Capitalise on live, easy-to-use reports and analytics to make informed training and educational business decisions

So, what is Intelliboard?

IntelliBoard is a powerful tool that makes your learning management system smarter. It integrates with multiple LMS platforms, including Blackboard Learn, Brightspace | D2L, Canvas, Moodle, ILIAS and Totara Learn.

One of the standout features of IntelliBoard is its intelligent dashboard. This dashboard allows you to quickly navigate to the focus areas that are important to your organization, such as completion, retention, traffic, and revenue.

In addition to its compatibility with multiple LMS platforms, IntelliBoard offers dashboards for both learners and instructors. It also provides automated notifications and supports multiple organizational roles. Plus, it offers real-time customizable reports that can help you track and improve user engagement.

With IntelliBoard, you can easily access multiple reports, analytics, and notifications with just a few clicks. This data can provide valuable insights into learner focus, instructor engagement, and learner success. This information can help you make immediate changes to your learning and teaching methodologies.

One of the key areas that IntelliBoard focuses on is learner retention. It provides data from several points of focus to help you identify learners who are at risk of not succeeding. This data can include time spent, grade averages, and activity within the system and courses.

IntelliBoard also offers learners a personal dashboard that shows their grades and activity. This allows them to manage their effort, progress, and timelines to achieve success. It also offers tools to help create better assessments, track instructor engagement, and inform every area of the educational process.

In addition to all of these features, IntelliBoard offers predictive analytics, sitewide monitors, communication reports, attendance tools, and more. Plus, our client support is top-notch, and we’ll work with you to identify the reports and analytics that are most important to your organization.

Join us for a free webinar

Pukunui Malaysia and IntelliBoard will be co-hosting a webinar on Tuesday, December 1st at 10am (GMT +8) , where Tonya Riney (Executive Vice President, IntelliBoard) and her team will run through this platform, and show you how to use it to get the most out of your LMS.

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Jonathan Mathew

Jonathan specialises in inbound sales, business operations, and account management. He joined Pukunui’s Malaysia office in 2020, building on his considerable management experience from companies based in the UK and India.

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