​​​​Moodle™ help and support

Where can I get help for my LMS?

​There are a number of places you can get help, support and advice.


This is the documentation and community support site for the Moodle LMS. If you are looking for the friendly folk forming the Moodle community or just want to find out a little about Moodle. http://moodle.org​


'Moodle HQ' is the independent company behind the Moodle project. Here you can find out about the history, mission and values of Moodle Pty Ltd and the commercial side of the Moodle LMS. http://moodle.com

Pukunui's Youtube channel

We have hundreds of instructional videos covering Moodle, Mahara and BigBlueButton all recorded from the iMoot Online International Moodle conference. http://imoot.org/

Or contact us for help

For someone to help support your Moodle VLE, host it, upgrade it, or integrate it with your other systems, try us - Pukunui.


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