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Covering Hong Kong and mainland China our staff can help support your LMS.

Save money and time by letting the experts look after your LMS

Safety, security and speed

LMS Hosting Hong Kong. Security and reliability are our priority when it comes to looking after your elearning site. Whether it is for university students sitting exams, or businesses delivering online training, you can be confident that your site is in safe hands.

Our well-maintained, high-performance servers are located in premium datacenters and are directly connected to the biggest Internet backbone carriers to provide the highest possible speeds worldwide. Let your LMS grow with your user base. We offer a variety of packages for hosted Moodle™ sites, sitting on Pukunui’s Moodle™ cloud. As your organisation grows we can easily add extra storage, or bandwidth without you having the headache of hardware to deal with. All packages can be customised. You want more storage, you got it!

Code Updates and Bug fixes

As with any software it's important to keep it up-to-date. Let us take the headache out of upgrading your installation.

Powerful Hosting Features

Standard hosting features such as cPanel, and FTP access give you the flexibility to do what you want with your learning management system.

Secure Nightly Backups

Trust us, we know what we're doing! If your site does run into problems, you can rely on Pukunui to get you back up and running.


  • 2 hours Kick Start consultation to get you up and running.
  • recommending and installing the best plugins for your site.
  • be a part of Pukunui's great support offerings including the Online Ticketing System, Helpdesk support and Pukunui's Learning Zone.
  • Complementary site migrations (subject to conditions of existing site).
  • Includes BigBlueButton Lite.

LMS Hosting Hong Kong | Pricing


For around 1000 - 3000 learners. Best for small schools or businesses. 

15GB of storage

75GB bandwidth / month

15 hours help desk support / year

HK$ 2420/mo

HK$2420/month (billed monthly)
or HK$28400 billed annually


Our most popular plan. For organisations that will support up to around 3000 - 5000 learners.

35GB of storage

200GB bandwidth / month

30 hours help desk support / year

HK$ 3800/mo

HK$3800/month (billed monthly)
or HK$44800 billed annually


To support more than 5000+ learners. Ideal for large companies, or big universities.   

75GB of storage

400GB bandwidth / month

42 hours help desk support / year

HK$ 4710/mo

HK$4710/month (billed monthly)
or HK$55900 billed annually


Contact us to discuss your needs. We offer a range of dedicated server solutions for your LMS.

  • Dedicated server solutions
  • Remote support for your servers
  • Load balanced solutions
  • Helpdesk only support
  • Extra storage

Contact us

LMS Branding and Theme Design

Stylish, modern, responsive, LMS branding and theme design that perfectly fit your business or institution.

LMS Training

Our regular 2 day course fees are available on enquiry. A group booking discount of 10% applies if three or more participants from the same organisation attend the same training. Please contact us for group booking enquiries.

Remote Teaching and Web Lecturing

BigBlueButton ™ (BBB) is an open source web conferencing tool to aid online learning. Pukunui integrates the web lecturing system with your Moodle LMS. This allows you to remotely teach your learners. With a web conferencing interface, you can share documents, webcams, audio, text based chat and screen share your desktop all in real time with your learners.


The FREE version, Pukunui's BBB lite is restricted to a maximum of 25 users, recordings expire after 7 days (not downloadable) and no breakout rooms for the chat module.

The full version includes unlimited recordings. Please contact us for pricing details.

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This is Shane.

Shane leads the HK team and is the company founder. He's been involved with Moodle since the start and wrote lots of the core Moodle code.

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