What is Mahara™ ?

Mahara™ is learner centred ePortfolio software. It allows users to highlight their achievements and share them with different audiences. Learners can display things such as documents, images, blogs, resumés, multimedia, hyperlinks and contact information and use it to demonstrate their learning, skills and development and record their achievements over time.

It can be used on it's own, or seamlessly integrated using a single sign on with Moodle™ based online learning sites, allowing users to save their achievements in Moodle™ to their Mahara™ ePortfolio. As it is a personalised learning space, users can control which items and what information they display, by creating different 'views' for different audiences. For instance, a student may wish to create and display a resume to prospective employers, a transcript of grades to universities, certain work, blogs or reflections to teachers, and a different set of materials to social friends or community groups. An employee in a business could use it to display competency to management for an appraisal, for project development with a different group of users, and as a portfolio to professional associations.

With built in social networking features users can create and maintain a list of 'friends' in a safe, closed, secure environment.

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