​​​​Remote Teaching and Web Lecturing

What is BigBlueButton?

BigBlueButton ™ (BBB) is an open source web conferencing tool to aid online learning. Pukunui integrates the web lecturing system with your Moodle LMS. This allows you to remotely teach your learners. You can share documents, webcams, audio, text based chat and screen share your desktop.

A lite* version of BBB to all of our clients FREE of charge!

We install a web conference plugin for Moodle, so within the LMS sessions can be recorded, and stored. So this gives easy access for absent learners or for later review. BBB has a built in whiteboard which lets you annotate over the top of your presentation or lecture notes. Most importantly, the software allows the presenter to control the view that the audience receives.

VoIP - join your web conference via a phone call

Additionally we can provide VoIP lines to dial into offering an additional and sometimes more stable way of joining the audio for the web conference. As a result, VoIP can improve the quality for users with unreliable internet connections. BBB also supports multiple users sharing webcams and audio simultaneously, ideal for tutorial groups or business conferences.


Finally, for more information, or to request a demo get in touch with us today. If you already have a Moodle hosting site with us, we can get you going with BBB immediately. Pricing for the full version can be found on your relevant country page.

*Pukunui's BBB lite is restricted to a maximum of 25 users, recordings expire after 7 days (not downloadable) and no breakout rooms for the chat module.  The free / lite tier is meant for occasional use to sample / try out BigBlueButton and not for high volume, production use. We can not guarantee availability / access.

iMoot and BigBlueButton

We've been very impressed Pukunui's Moodle skills and their successful hosting of iMoot, the yearly virtual conference for the Moodle community. We've been working with Pukunui for over five years and can attest that Pukunui knows Moodle and BigBlueButton very well indeed.

Fred Dixon ... CEO Blindside Networks

Pukunui’s products and services for BigBlueButton are not endorsed or certified by BigBlueButton Inc. BigBlueButton and the BigBlueButton Logo are trademarks of BigBlueButton Inc. Our BigBlueButton hosting is provided by our partners Blindside Networks.