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Were you looking for the community site Moodle.org?

What is Moodle™ LMS?

Moodle™ is a free piece of software installed on a server, which enables educators to create feature packed educational websites. With a simple drag and drop interface, teaching resources can be added to pages and multimedia can be embedded at the click of a button. Learning can be personalised with conditions set for activities to be completed and built in rewards systems.

It encourages working and learning together with forums, collaborative wikis and glossaries whilst allowing assessment and feedback with self-grading quizzes. There are a wide range of question types that make it a powerful tool for both formative and summative assessment. There are also built in peer assessment activities with customisable rubrics.

Moodle™ is the number one most widely used platform for online learning with over 70 million registered users (the real number of users is much, much more!) and a global community at Moodle.org that drives development and helps people use the software.

Students can use Moodle™ to store files, or access them from a wide range of cloud based repositories such as Google, Dropbox, Flickr, Youtube and Skydrive; and track their progress using check boxes next to activities. Mobile friendly, it has numerous community created plugins that introduce new features, or allow them to integrate with other systems, and it can be customised for different institutions. It is used by schools of all age groups, universities, government departments, healthcare organisations, a wide range of businesses and private individuals for personal learning sites and homeschooling.

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