Pukunui has developed and customised e-learning sites for thousands of customers, from small businesses with tens of users to large educational institutions running into the millions. Whether it is developing a new plugin for your site running on Moodle, integrating your installations with third party services such as Google Apps, or tweaking existing activities to add new features, you can be confident that code improvements we make are secure and that we have the skills to write the highest quality code to fit your needs.

The great thing about an open source project such as moodle is that you are free to change the code in any way you like provided you abide by the rules of the GPL. Pukunui's development methodology first requires that all development (other than minor tweaks) be analysed and documented in the form of a specification document. The purpose of this document is to clearly define the scope of development work to be undertaken. It may include; screen designs, flow charts, documented business rules and so on. From this document, Pukunui can provide a fixed price schedule for the work to be undertaken.If you need assistance tweaking your moodle installation to get it running exactly how you want then you can call on our team of experienced developers to help you. Contact us to find out more.

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