Unlocking the Potential of Corporate e-Learning in Malaysia: A Comprehensive Moodle Custom Training Session

By  Putri Nor Atteya

Recently, we had the opportunity to deliver a one-day Moodle Custom Training Session to the staff of HPMT Industries at their office in Shah Alam, Malaysia. The training was specifically designed to help the staff understand the benefits of using Moodle as a Corporate e-Learning platform and how it can be used to track and improve the competencies of their employees.

During the training session, an extensive range of topics were covered, ranging from competencies to setting up competency frameworks, as well as proficiency levels and creating learning plans. The session aimed to foster an in-depth understanding of the different roles associated with competency and learning plans, allowing staff to appreciate the unique functions of each role and their potential application in monitoring and managing employee performance.

The HPMT staff expressed their gratitude for the practical and hands-on approach adopted during the training, which enabled them to apply the acquired concepts in a realistic setting. The interactive nature of the training was also highly regarded, as it offered staff the opportunity to raise questions and share experiences with the group.

Corporate e-Learning and staff competencies

As a result of the training, staff members were equipped with the necessary knowledge to implement the gained insights and make substantial enhancements to their Moodle site, streamlining the monitoring of staff competencies. The training enabled the team to establish a comprehensive competency framework and design tailored learning plans for different roles and programmes. Moreover, the staff attained the expertise to manage and supervise employee performance, resulting in a substantial improvement in overall organisational performance.

Overall, the training was a valuable experience that demonstrated the staff’s high level of motivation and eagerness to learn. It is expected that the knowledge gained from the training will enable them to manage their Moodle site more effectively and efficiently, leading to an improved staff competency monitoring process in a corporate setting.

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Putri Nor Atteya

Putri is a technologist who enjoys helping people understand Moodle, an e-learning platform. She is currently serving as an e-learning consultant and LMS trainer at Pukunui Sdn Bhd, a leading Learning Management Systems provider based in Malaysia. Putri has trained hundreds of lecturers to ensure they are well prepared for their teaching and learning journey. She is also described as an easy-going, good listener, easy to talk to, and hardworking person. Prior to her current position, she was the IT Executive: Learning Technology at The University of Nottingham Malaysia Campus and worked as a teaching assistant at Universiti Putra Malaysia and system engineer at Mutiara Teknologi Sdn Bhd.

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