Digital Learning Solution for Corporate Learners in Malaysia

By  Vinny Stocker

Pukunui Malaysia collaborates with eQuick Learn to offer a comprehensive digital learning solution for corporate learners in Malaysia.

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia – Pukunui Malaysia, a leading LMS provider operating across the Asia Pacific region, is pleased to announce its collaboration with eQuick Learn, a leading supplier of off-the-shelf localised elearning programmes in SCORM and xAPI formats to the corporate sectors in Malaysia.

Through this collaboration, Pukunui Malaysia and eQuick Learn will streamline their marketing efforts to offer a comprehensive and affordable one-stop digital learning solution to their existing and potential customers.

“We are excited to be collaborating with eQuick Learn,” said Vincent Stocker, Managing Director of Pukunui Malaysia. “Their localised content, combined with our expertise in hosting and support for Moodle, makes for a powerful and effective solution for corporate learners in Malaysia.”

Vincent Stocker, Managing Director, Pukunui Malaysia

eQuick Learn’s interactive e-courses are ideal for employee onboarding, employee skill enhancement and compliance training needs. Upon purchase, the courses can be deployed immediately for in-house training and remote learning. eQuick Learn’s e-courses are available on a wide range of topics, including programmes in Bahasa Melayu. A perfect digital learning solution for corporate learners in Malaysia

“Our unique offering is our localised content,” said eQuick Learn. “Our modules are made in Malaysia for corporate learners in Malaysia. As a HRD Corp Training Provider, our courses are HRDC claimable under the CBT Scheme.”

Karen Ho, Managing Director, eQuick Learn

Pukunui Malaysia provides hosting and other services for Moodle, serving clients across a number of sectors including those in tertiary education, government departments, financial institutions and private companies. With locations in Australia, Hong Kong and Malaysia, Pukunui offers local support and expertise to its clients.

“Pukunui has a long history of supporting the Moodle community,” said Vincent Stocker. “We have been involved in the ongoing development of the core Moodle code and proudly promote it as a quality educational product.”

Why Interactive E-Courses are Ideal for Employee Onboarding, Skill Enhancement, and Compliance Training

Interactive e-courses are ideal for employee onboarding, skill enhancement, and compliance training for several reasons.

First, interactive e-courses allow employees to learn at their own pace. This is particularly important for onboarding, where employees may be overwhelmed with information in the early days of their job. Interactive e-courses allow employees to pause and review information as needed, reducing the stress of trying to absorb everything at once.

Second, interactive e-courses can provide a more engaging and immersive learning experience. Traditional forms of training, such as lectures and written materials, can be boring and difficult to retain. Interactive e-courses, on the other hand, often incorporate multimedia elements such as videos, games, and simulations, which can make the learning process more enjoyable and effective.

Third, interactive e-courses allow for better tracking and assessment of employee progress. E-courses often include quizzes and other forms of assessment that can help managers and trainers understand what employees have learned and where they may need additional support. This can be particularly important for compliance training, where it is crucial that employees understand and follow important regulations and policies.

We are glad to be working with eQuick Learn to offer interactive e-courses that are an effective and engaging way to onboard employees, enhance their skills, and ensure compliance with important regulations and policies.

Vinny Stocker

Vinny leads the Malaysian team. He's a published author, instructional designer, and Moodle consultant at Pukunui. Vinny also runs LMS training throughout South East Asia.

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