The Scratchpad plugin by Pukunui and IFES

By  Tengku Alauddin

Scratchpad is a new open-source/free Moodle plugin developed by Pukunui and funded by the International Fellowship of Evangelical Students (IFES). It is compatible with Moodle 3.10 or later versions. Based on the ever-so-popular Journal plugin, the Scratchpad plugin allows students to write their reflections on courses and download them.


This plugin is essentially a learning reflection plugin for students, normally used after the completion of a course. A teacher can post questions for students to pen down their thoughts and complete their reflections on the said topic/area.

These questions could either be standalone or linked to other Scratchpads in the course. After completing the reflection, students could download the entire answer for their records.

The plugin is designed for personal, private reflections. The students’ replies are not viewable by other users, including those with the teacher role. 

How do I try out and download this Scratchpad plugin?

The plugin has successfully been published on the Moodle Plugins directory. You can search for “Scratchpad” or directly go to this page

If you’d like to know more about this plugin or if you’re interested in having a customised plugin built, do give us a shout.

Tengku Alauddin

Din is a skilled and motivated developer, with experience in project delivery, solutions design, configuration and implementation. He has extensive technical and software development expertise in PHP, PHPLens Library Tool, Oracle SQL, DB2 SQL, PL/SQL, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, jQuery, AJAX and Linux Scripting. Din is adept at coding, integration and project implementation, and can work effectively both independently and as part of a team. He is a fast learner and adaptable to new technologies, with a focus on security and reliability. Din's professional experience includes working as a Software Engineer for Juris Technologies and the Ambank Project Team, as well as a Junior Software Engineer for Proactive Customer Support.

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