Monash University Malaysia (MUM) was founded in 1998. As Australia’s largest university expands globally, MUM stands as its third-largest campus worldwide. It proudly became Malaysia’s first foreign university campus, attracting around 8000 students and 1200 lecturers. MUM is a self-accrediting university and a prominent player in the education industry. It offers various schools, including Business, Engineering, and Information Technology. Like many educational institutions, Monash utilizes Moodle as its primary LMS platform, known as Monash Moodle.

Challenge: Enhancing Teaching and Learning with Moodle

Monash University Malaysia and Moodle

  • Monash University Malaysia has been leveraging Moodle as a powerful tool to support their teaching and learning endeavors.
  • Moodle enables increased student engagement by providing seamless access to content and materials.
  • Students can access course resources at their convenience, regardless of time or location, as long as they have an internet connection and an authorized account.

Partnering with Pukunui Malaysia

Empowering Staff and Academics

  • The primary aim of the training was to introduce Monash Moodle and empower staff and academics who are new to the platform.
  • The training aimed to build confidence and proficiency in utilizing Monash Moodle for learning and teaching.

Monash Moodle Solution

In collaboration with the Department of Education Excellence, Pukunui Malaysia provided a range of training sessions designed to equip Monash University Malaysia’s staff and academics. These sessions were carefully tailored to address their specific needs. The training covered the following areas:

  • Administrator and Support Training
Administrative ToolsMoodle Block
Unit settings, Start Date, End Date
Backup, Restore, Import
Enrolments and roles
Filters and outcomes
Activity and ResourcesActivities and resources to be used in Monash Moodle
Groups & GroupingCreating Groups
Managing import / export group
AssessmentsAdvanced grading (rubrics)
GradebookSetting up & Organise
Import / export grades
Grader report
Creating & Managing ForumsTypes of forums
How it can be used in Monash Moodle
Completion ProgressTo setup completion and track the progress
  • Introduction to Moodle
Introduction to MoodleBasic functions and features of Moodle, login and dashboard
Adding activities and resourcesActivity and Resource types
Organising Moodle sitesHow to add, delete, move, hide content and areas in Moodle
Groups and groupingsHow to set up groups and groupings
How to set up self-selection activity
How to use and manage forumsTypes of forums
How they can be used in Monash Moodle
  • Gradebook and Assessment Training
Setting up gradebookSetting up & Organising
Import / export of grades
Grader report
Setting up assessmentsCreating an assignment submission box
Creating a Quiz
Group submissions
  • Advanced Moodle Training
Advanced gradingRubric creation and marking
Marking workflow
Access restrictionsUsing access restrictions to provide structured / differentiated learning pathways
  • H5P Training
H5P interactive videoAbout H5P
Creating and editing H5P Content
Adding an H5P activity to a course
Embedding H5P into other activities

Through these targeted training sessions, staff and academics were empowered to maximize their utilization of Monash Moodle, enhancing their teaching and learning capabilities.

Initially, all the sessions were set up as online training due to the Covid-19 restrictions. Three sessions were conducted online, and the first face-to-face training was on 14th June 2022. For me, it was great to run a face-to-face session after two years of online training sessions!

At the time of posting this, the training sessions for Monash Moodle is still ongoing. I’m really looking forward to the next training sessions – Introduction to Moodle Training and H5P Training.

New joiners academicians from Monash University Malaysia for Monash Moodle
Pictures with academics after the Advanced Moodle Training.

If you would like us to provide similar sessions for you, your staff, university or company, please get in touch.

Putri Nor Atteya

Putri is a technologist who enjoys helping people understand Moodle, an e-learning platform. She is currently serving as an e-learning consultant and LMS trainer at Pukunui Sdn Bhd, a leading Learning Management Systems provider based in Malaysia. Putri has trained hundreds of lecturers to ensure they are well prepared for their teaching and learning journey. She is also described as an easy-going, good listener, easy to talk to, and hardworking person. Prior to her current position, she was the IT Executive: Learning Technology at The University of Nottingham Malaysia Campus and worked as a teaching assistant at Universiti Putra Malaysia and system engineer at Mutiara Teknologi Sdn Bhd.

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