Pukunui’s Fortnightly Tips

By  Scott Huntley

Introducing Pukunui’s Fortnightly Tips! Fortnightly Tips is a free webinar that offers you the chance to learn tricks of the trade about how to use the Moodle™ LMS like a pro. You’ll find out about time saving Moodle tips, tricks or features you didn’t know Moodle had, in one short 15 minute online presentation.

Fortnightly Tips are a free webinar and they will be every second Friday. We’ll broadcast from learn.pukunui.com at the following times:

9:30 AM Sydney / 6:30 AM Perth
12:30 PM Sydney / 9:30 AM Perth
3:30 PM Sydney / 12:30 PM Perth

Each of these will be a live session, giving you the chance to participate in the discussion and ask questions.

Bulk Uploading of Users – March 10

This upcoming session, join Pukunui Trainer Scott as he shows you how to use the bulk user upload feature of Moodle.

Do you have a ton of users you need to upload, manage, or edit? You don’t need to add or edit every user individually; you can save yourself a lot of time and edit many users at once. Scott will show you how to create a spreadsheet of your users, make changes, and upload that spreadsheet into Moodle. Want to upload your users’ photos? No problem, you can do that in bulk too.

And have you heard about Pukunui’s Remote Files and Automated User Upload plugins? You don’t even need to upload spreadsheet with your user details. With our plugins – just save the file to a FTP accessible folder, and the plugin will take care of the rest. Perfect for creating new users, updating profiles or enroling them automatically on to courses.

More to Come

We are very excited about this project. Over the next few weeks, we’ll announce future Fortnightly Tips topics. If you have suggestions or requests, please feel free to comment below.

Join us every second Friday at learn.pukunui.com.

Scott Huntley

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