From it's beginnings in 2010, the iMoot has grown into a biannual event where the Moodle community, practitioners, administrators and decision makers meet to share the best practice in online learning.

It is a fully online conference that focuses mainly on the Moodle e-learning software, related integrations and general e-learning presentations. In the lead up to the event participants can get involved on the forums to discuss particular sessions or to network. All sessions are presented live; around half are aimed at people teaching with Moodle, the other half are for Moodle admins. During the sessions participants join via the BigBlueButton video conferencing software, get involved using text based chat in the virtual conference room, and at the presenters discretion may be invited to join in via audio or webcam if they have questions. Audience participation is highly encouraged. Sessions often have specific forums for follow up questions after the presentations.

After the presentation session, the recording is available for participants to review via the iMoot site, and some months after the event, we post the recordings to our YouTube channel. 

All presenters at iMoot receive free access to the entire event and being inclusive, we welcome submissions in other languages than English.

What our participants say

The Moot that keeps on giving 😉

Just spent a blissful 3 days online absorbing ideas and contributing where I could. The range of presentations meant I could attend with all my hats - admin, teacher, developer and student.

Now I can settle in for the replays of all the other great sessions I missed. Thank you iMoot team, sponsors, presenters and co learners. I'll definitely be back next year.

Dot Waterhouse


Incredible opportunities to learn, share and network , broadening your horizon!

Sigi Jakob-Kühn

It's here!

I love iMoot, I find it more diverse than offline Moots I have attended and its right here in my home / office and thanks to recordings available any time I want too!

Jeremy Hopkins


The iMoot team have been using BigBlueButton since 2013 to help facilitate a biannual online learning event focussing on Moodle - the iMoot. The event runs runs across timezones and has a global audience of hundreds.

Without this awesome open source web lecturing and web conferencing system, we would not be able to run our event. Fred and the team at Blindside Networks are so responsive to communication, and have gone out of their way to help and support us.

I thoroughly recommend BigBlueButton to anyone looking for a reliable and scalable web conferencing system designed for online learning.

Vinny Stocker , iMoot Team

Power of Technology

Never thought it would be so easy to be sitting here on my farm in Sogve village, Dahanu, India, sipping my chai and participating in a global conference listening to great ideas and thoughts on Moodle! good job - team at #iMoot15 and all the presenters. Thanks... this has given us a great boost!

Michelle Chawla

Global Event

It's great to see how this global event can meet so many local issues in Moodle...

Dom Seneque


Xtra to meet, from over the world, a lot of Moodle lovers, and share our passion for education and training online.

Jean-Marc Doucet

iMoot format and length of time

The duration time for the iMoot - Thursday until Monday (for Australians, at least) gives time and opprtunity for people with weekend family committments to participate and because some webinars are run twice there is a better chance of participating in a webinar that really interests you. Then if that all fails there are the recordings and the resources to consume. Someone has planned this well. Congratulations!

Liz Diamond


Given me lots of ideas to use going forward.

Meg James

The global Moodle conference with the personal touch

iMoot is such a great event!

Where else do you get people from all over the world, a lot of them highly regarded and internationally renowned Moodlers, with their different perspectives, backgrounds and takes on Moodle, discuss the world's best Learning Management System?

While it is a huge event, the team and all participants manage to make it feel personal and familiar, just like a "real" Moodlemoot, despite its online nature.

iMoot is a must for me every year and so far I've been lucky to be a part of it 6 times.

Stephan Rinke


The ABCs of Moodle and moodling!

Alireza Meshkin Mehr


Part of the reason why I registered for this event was due to the flexibility and availability of recorded sessions. I knew from the beginning that I would be unavailable for a lot of the live sessions, since I teach full time, but thanks to the recordings I'm able to spend some time at my own leisure to read discussion and re-watch the sessions I missed.

This is a huge advantage and I plan on utilizing it to the fullest. It's just a shame that I wasn't able to connect or network any better than I did, being a newbie and all.

Dale Rees-McGrath-Siggerfjell

iMoot in the spirit of eLearning

As a Moodle, Mahara and OpenBadge worldwide speaker, I love meeting people in conferences everywhere. I believe that we create stronger bond when we have the opportunity to meet face-to-face. But this has social, economics, and personal costs.

iMoot is for me a great project and I am so thrilled to take part of it each year.

iMoot is the spirit of eLearning, putting people from different countries, on different time zone, talking about their passion, their experience, their expertise. Sharing synchronous and asynchronous about the most beautiful thing in the world: learning and teaching.

iMoot is an online conference for online knowledge providers

What could be more natural than that?

I studied eLearning with the Open University in UK because it was online. I am here with you on iMoot for the same reasons.

Long live to iMoot

Dominique-Alain Jan

Sharing and Exchanging

A meeting point for moodlers to share a exchange experiences, ideas and motivation.

Ema Aveleyra


Always new things, new points of view, deeper understanding opportunities.

Paula Clough


The best use of time and money for both increasing administrator effectiveness and overall happiness with the Moodle system. Learned more in five days than I have in the past three years on my own.

Where are the virtual souvenir t-shirts, oh wait we call them "badges"

Bob Stretch

iMoot is helping to build the community. Not only are the presentations fantastic, I love that they have released their archives. You can view past iMoot presentations for free. What a wonderful thing - instead of losing that content to time, iMoot makes it open and available to everyone.

This is the best value-for-money conference you'll attend this year.

Don't just attend! Contribute! Sign up to be an iMoot speaker - everyone has a story to share and we want to hear yours!

Kenneth Scott Huntley , Speaker


What a conference! So many new and familiar faces, great to be a part of it.

There is always something new to learn with such a variety of topics. Really great to chat and communicate with people all over the world.

Gareth J Barnard


A fantastic event which brings together people from all over the world who love Moodle!!

Vinny Stocker


Easy community to talk to and learn from.

Shane Elliott


Incredible presenters allowing others an insight into their understandings and developments of Moodle. Huge Thanks!

Wendi Kirwan-Elliott

Something For Everyone

Novice Moodler, Experienced Moodler, Administrator, Teacher, Instructional Technologist, Instructional Designer, Educator in K-12 and Higher Education, Business/Corporate Trainer, Programmer, non-Programmer, Dabbler in Programming, Solo Moodler (Lone Ranger!), Theme Designer, Techie, matter your status, you will find at least one session that is relevant to you. Refreshingly motivating!

Sarah Ashley


I'm more a face-to-face conference person but this was terrific. I looked forward to sessions and was willing to get up at insane hours of the night just to hear specific presentations. More than worth it!

Melanie Scott


This is way above food for thought. iMoot is a veritable banquet!

Andy Chaplin

iMoot and BigBlueButton

We've been very impressed Pukunui's Moodle skills and their successful hosting of iMoot, the yearly virtual conference for the Moodle community. We've been working with Pukunui for over five years and can attest that Pukunui knows Moodle and BigBlueButton very well indeed.

Fred Dixon , CEO Blindside Networks

Hard work

The iMoot team have worked really hard to pull of the most successful iMoot. Great to be a small part of it.

Richard Pilbery


This is the most diverse virtual conference I have ever attended, thus far. I truly enjoying the diverse presentation topics as well as the attendees of this conference.

Jonathan Tan

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