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By  Putri Nor Atteya

Which devices do you prefer to use to access Moodle? Through your smartphone or tablet? To access Moodle on a mobile device, you have two options. The first, you can access your Moodle LMS via its website. Simply go to your phone’s browser, type in the Moodle URL. The second one, you can install and use the Moodle Mobile App. Each approach has its pros and cons and in this blog post we’ll take a look at them.

Current Moodle Mobile App version

Moodle Mobile version 2.0 was released on 31 July 2015. The latest version was released last December 2019, version 3.8.0 to keep inline with the latest version of Moodle. This app has been used widely by both learners and educators to provide convenient access to their Moodle installation.

[Update – For details see end of post]

From 2nd April 2020, we are introducing a new range of Moodle App Plans. 

We are making some changes to our standard Moodle app so it now has three functionality levels called Free, Pro and Premium.

Moodle Mobile custom branding on an iPhone

How can you get the mobile app?

Appstore Logo
Google playstore logo

Users can access Moodle on a smartphone, tablet or even phablet. They can also access Moodle on an iPad too. In order to get the application, you will need to go to either the App Store or Google play store to install it on to your devices. You might even have a custom branded version that you download from your own institution’s app store.

What features you can access using the mobile app?

moodle mobile app download courses
Download a course for offline access

The app has several great features that you can use to learn wherever, and whenever you are. With these features, you can access the course content of your choice easily. You don’t have to be online to access or browse the content. You can do that even when you are offline too. By downloading the courses into your mobile devices, you can access it anytime anywhere without having an internet connection. This feature beats accessing Moodle via its website, which can only happen when you’re online.

The Moodle Mobile application also allows you to connect with other course participants. It makes it easy for you or other learners and educators to search, find and message whomever they want in Moodle. Obviously, the person you search for has to be a member of the course too.

It is also helps users to stay up to date. Users receive real time notifications from their courses or schedule. Users are instantly notified of message and other equally important events taking place. Other than this, the mobile app also allows users to do multiple activities from their mobile devices. One great advantage is the convenience of using your phone’s camera. Educators could set an assignment or forum requiring the learners to take photos or record a short video.

Users can:

  • Upload images
  • Upload videos
  • Upload audio
  • Upload any file
  • Submit the assignment
  • View teaching materials
  • Send messages

In any learning experience, learners and educators alike should be able to track progress. Moodle mobile apps makes it easier to do this and it allows users to complete their tasks regardless of their location at any given time. The app allows them to take quizzes, post in any of their forums, or play SCORM Packages. Additionally, it allows them to edit Wiki pages.

What’s the advantage of accessing your Moodle via your mobile browser?

Users can also access their Moodle website on their phones or tablets. Most modern Moodle themes should be responsive, meaning that the content will rearrange to fit the smaller mobile view. Regardless of your choice, it’s good to see that Moodle has made its services available via the app and a mobile friendly website.

One advantage of accessing via the url is that if your site uses third party plugins, most likely they will not work with the app, although it it possible should the developers choose to implement it.

Want to go the extra mile?

If you would like us to help you to change the look and feel of the Moodle app to make it fit with your brand, get in touch.

Moodle Mobile custom branding on an iPad

[Update – Upcoming changes – 2nd April 2020]

For full details see this FAQ.
What are the changes?

  • Moodle are introducing paid Mobile App plans (for site admins) – the app remains free.
  • Custom branding via CSS will require site admins to sign up for a Premium plan.
  • On the Free plan, only the first 50 devices in a month will receive site notifications, and users will only be able to download two courses for offline use.
  • The app code will remain open source so developers can create their own custom versions of the app.

Putri Nor Atteya

Putri's passion for eLearning can be traced back to 2015, when she spent significant time working on various eLearning tools. As an LMS Consultant and trainer, she specializes in Moodle platform and H5P

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