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Interactive participation!

Interactive and engaging participation.

Sameera Gunawardena

Senior Lecturer

Fun and Knowledgeable training!

The trainer is fun and knowledgeable.

Shadi Khadijeh Gholami

Senior lecturer

Incredible learning journey!

Participating in the Face-to-Face program with H5P was an incredible learning journey! The interactive sessions were engaging and easy to follow, making complex concepts simple to understand. I highly recommend this program to anyone looking to enhance their skills in a hands-on and interactive way. Thank you.

Ms. Arul Selvi A/P Govinda Rachi

Senior Clinical Instructor

Detailed and excellent training!

Great details.Thank you for organising this.

Denise Hung

Chinese Medicine Tutor

Great understanding on competency frameworks!

Great training. It benefited us, on how to create the competency framework and learning plan.

Patricia Yew

Assist Training Manager

Resourceful Training!

Trainer is very resourceful and nice.

Lim Jin Teik

Senior Service Engineer

Engaging Trainer!

Training execution was great. The trainer engaged with us throughout the session, which is an important element of remote training.


Smallholder Programme Manager

Nice session!

Nice session. 

P Ravi Shankar


Satisfied with your team's support!

Pukunui provides support and keeps us updated during the upgrade process. The process runs smoothly without any issues. Great job. 

M Hafez B Azman

IT Executive

Informative and valuable training!

Very informative and valuable training that helps me create engaging online learning experiences for my students. 

Nurul Nadia Binti Mohamad Shariff

Director of Centre of Professional & Continuing Education (CoPACE)

Lots of information for H5P!

Interesting and informative in learning new engaging platforms. Very Interesting and informative to learn H5P as an e-learning tool.

Prasanthi Sri


Face to face training (H5P)

I learnt a lot during the sessions. Truly Great.

Khaw Loke Tim

Senior Lecturer

Easy to follow!

Easy to follow!


Senior Lecturer

Interactive contents!

Good and interactive contents!



Clear explanations by trainer!

The trainer gave clear explanation and instructions.

Hi Hui Ping


Great experience!

Good training and experience. 


Lee Mei Ying

Clinical Instructor

Friendly and skilled communication from trainers!

Trainer is friendly and communicates well.

Tan Choon Ling

Teaching Fellow

The e-Learning Solution for our Tuition Centers!

Pukunui Sdn Bhd is always a dedicated and knowledgeable learning platform provider. They work hard to create the best LMS system to serve students. I would say Punukui is one of the very few companies that GETS what clients want, KNOWS the hows, and actually DOES it.

Teacher Alex and Aaron

Top Scholar Tuition Centre, Malaysia

Exemplary Services!

We are very pleased with our working relationship with Pukunui, it is clear that the team is passionate about the services they provide and all queries are handled quickly with excellent service. Early in the relationship, Vinny stated that he wanted our custom, and that sentiment comes through with every engagement. Since we are a small user and lack in-house expertise or experience, Pukunui is the partner we were looking for, and it feels that no query is too small. We hope to expand our use of e-learning in future years.

Jonathan Hunter

Project Coordinator

Great Communication and Support!

The Pukunui team did a great job at assisting us with the recent Moodle upgrade. Our learning portals are running smoothly as soon as the maintenance mode was turned off. Keep up the good work!

Norhasliza binti Hashim

Assistant Manager

I took a Moodle Master Class at Pukunui Technology in Malaysia and it was great. The nature of training was simply exceptional as it provides thorough discussion and explanation of topics, useful and concrete hands-on exercises, and a social, interactive and collaborative e-learning experience among us, participants and our trainer. The facilitation of training was outstanding and was handled professionally.

Sheryl Villaroman

Learning Administrator, Nephila Web Technology Inc.

Helpful and knowledgeable trainer!

I thoroughly enjoyed the training session. The trainer was very knowledgeable and made the topic easy to understand. The training was really helpful and I learned a lot.. It's worth recommending to others. The most important aspect is that our trainer, Miss Iza excels at explaining things, making them easier to understand.

Syamimi Shahri

Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil

Great explanations on competencies methodology!

Explanations were good regarding the competencies methodology on the content matrix.

Lynette Wee


Excellent explanations!

Explanations on the settings of tools were exceptional.



LMS 101 Training Review: Essential Topics and Effective Delivery for Efficient LMS Usage

The topics covered in the training appear to be relevant and essential for anyone who wants to use the LMS effectively. The course setup and student assignment sections, for example, help participants understand how to create and manage courses and assign students to these courses. The discussion on assessment tools and content editing also helps participants learn how to upload assignments, quizzes, tutorials, and other course content onto the LMS. Ms Putri’s way of delivery which was layback and well-prepared made it easy to understand. Overall, it seems that the LMS 101 training was well-designed and informative, and participants found it helpful in their LMS usage.

Arif Fahmi Bin Adnan

Senior Executive, Academic Management & Development at University of Cyberjaya

Training is useful for all!

Useful for all!



Interesting lessons for H5P and moodle!

Amazing! As this is my first time being exposed to moodle and H5P, it's interesting and enjoyable to learn. Another benchmark of how broad our technology has come. There are many more ways to make lessons more interesting even in online or physical classes.


UGM/ Special Officer cum Internal Audit

Exemplary Service and Agile Support: The Pukunui Team's Outstanding Contribution to WIPO!

Pukunui, with specific reference to Vinny, Jonathan, and Putri, not only have done a fantastic job of initially understanding and preparing their services to the needs of WIPO and the participating IP Offices but also delivering great training and technical support in a very agile, customer-centric way.

Richard Butler

International Consultant, WIPO

Excellent session, looking forward for more training!

It was really a comprehensive training session and I got a chance to clear my queries and rectify mistake while creating H5P content, Great work. It was indeed an excellent session, looking forward to attending more of such trainings in near future.

Tehmina Nafees Sonia Khan

University Lecturer

Great teachings of moodle's capabilities!

Enjoyed learning about a lot of the capabilities that moodle has!


ICT Officer

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