H5P Interactive Video Workshop at the IMU ILRF 2022

By  Putri Nor Atteya

Logo of IMU eLearn International Learning Resources Festivals.

The IMU International Learning Resources Festival (IMU ILRF) is an annual event jointly organised by the Learning Resources Department, Clinical Skills & Simulation Centre (CSSC), and IMU Center for Education (ICE) to address both technical and non-technical aspects of e-Learning.

IMU eLearn

International Medical University (IMU), Malaysia’s first and most established private university wholly specialising in medicine, health sciences, and complementary medicine programmes, is one of the many institutions in the region using the Moodle platform, hosted and supported by Pukunui Malaysia. Their learning platform, IMU eLearn, delivers a range of Blended Learning Programmes.

IMU eLearn Webinars and workshop tentative for ILRF2022

We at Pukunui are honoured to receive an invite from IMU to conduct a workshop/learning session during the IMU ILRF event. We’ve chosen the topic – “Create an H5P interactive video for your lecture session”. In my previous blog post, How to use H5P in Moodle: Interactive Video, I presented a simple step-by-step outline on how to create an interactive video using H5P, and in this upcoming session with IMU, I’ll be diving deeper into some valuable details and sharing more tips around the same topic. I’m sure that participants of this workshop, especially staff and lecturers using IMU eLearn, will gain practical insight that can be used while preparing their lecture sessions in future.

As specified in the image above, this session will be on 14th November 2022 (Monday) from 12 pm – 1 pm (GMT+8).

Topics that will be covered during this workshop:

  • Create H5P interactive video content
  • Bookmark your video
  • Add interactive content to your video
  • Embed it on your Moodle courses

It’s known that most lecture sessions these days tend to last at least 1 or 2 hours.
– As a lecturer, how can you prepare your online sessions, so learners are engaged?
– How can you ensure your learners go through your entire interactive videos without skipping parts of them?
– How do you ensure they’re focused and not performing other tasks while playing these videos?

Join this workshop, and I will show you the details. For more information about the IMU ILRF 2022, click this link.

See you at the IMU ILRF!

Putri Nor Atteya

Putri's passion for eLearning can be traced back to 2015, when she spent significant time working on various eLearning tools. As an LMS Consultant and trainer, she specializes in Moodle platform and H5P

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