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Elearning courses in Malaysia

By  Vinny Stocker

Digital learning technologies have given birth to elearning courses in Malaysia and other parts of the world. However, some elearning courses are better than others. The best ones have several defining features the rest lack. So, it’s good to understand what separates the best courses from the rest before developing your own.

What makes a good elearning course?

Make the content engaging

First of all, the best courses feature the best content. The quality of elearning content plays a huge role in distinguishing one course from the next. The best content should be engaging and not distracting. Also, make the content sufficiently engaging to prevent learners from spending more time on other websites.

Useful and simple

Moodle enables clients to build useful and simple elearning courses. So keep everything simple and useful and you will see the courses attracting more students. You are better off with simple and useful content initially, then build towards working on complicated things e.g. conditional activities, after you have mastered the basics.

If you need someone to look after your Moodle site, we can help you with that.

Relevant and meaningful

Next, the courses should be both relevant and meaningful.

Lots of content may appeal to students some of the time but not all the time. So keep activities, short and bitesize. Design courses that reflect the manner in which students conduct their personal lives and activities. Allow opportunity for social interaction and most of all show learners the real time applications of their career or course choices.

Lastly, while designing the course, try to include the characteristics that modern learners display.

These characteristics include:

  • Easily distracted
  • Social learners
  • Craving for constant knowledge
  • Always on the move
  • Fiercely independent
  • Unparalleled impatience
  • Heavily overworked

Also, the elearning courses must display a few fundamental features, which include:

  • Navigation
  • Multimedia
  • Interactions
  • Tests and assessments
  • Tracking

Moodle can help you design an elearning course that features all these components.

The future of Elearning courses in Malaysia

The Malaysian government’s commitment to elearning is in no doubt. For years, the government has offered support to improving the country’s educational capacity. It also aims to make the educational system one of the best in the world. So naturally, that has led to increased interest in elearning courses.

A growth rate of around 16% in online education is expected in the country by 2023.

Similarly, the increased demand for and use of smartphones and tablets will also fuel this growth.

The quality of elearning courses in Malaysia has picked up tremendously, and this growth is not accidental. The country enjoys this level of growth because of long-term planning by the government and other stakeholders. Moodle is also present in the majority of the universities in this country, therefore it plays a crucial role in furthering this growth.

So, contact us for more details on how Pukunui can help you create your elearning courses in Malaysia.

Vinny, Pukunui Sdn Bhd.

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Vinny Stocker

Vinny leads the Malaysian team. He's a published author, instructional designer, and Moodle consultant at Pukunui. Vinny also runs LMS training throughout South East Asia.

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