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All-in-one Moodle site boosts UniKL’s e-learning

By  Jonathan Mathew

Pukunui migrate Moodle to a new server for UniKL.

Back in 2015, UniKL – one of the foremost universities in Malaysia – had 13 different installations of Moodle running across its campuses in the east and west parts of the country. This meant that, although UniKL students had access to a growing library of e-learning courses provided by the university, the student experience was different depending on which campus they attended. 

UniKL commissioned Pukunui to migrate Moodle to a new server, and combine all the e-learning content onto one site to create a more unified experience for students and lecturers. 

Our chief aim was to build an infrastructure that would not only offer consistency in terms of content and branding, but would create a more dynamic user experience, with lecturers and students from different campuses interacting with each other. 

The Moodle migration was completed within 4 weeks;

13 Moodle sites upgraded and merged into one

15,000+ e-learning courses recreated including existing content

50,000+ user accounts enrolled on courses and ready for learning

Zero loss of data

We began the project by automating the migration process to provide a seamless transition to the brand-new site. Our developers created the new Moodle site on a secure data centre in Malaysia so that any technical issues could be dealt with locally. 

We then developed several integrations to streamline course delivery and assessment. Once completed, UniKL had an e-learning system that has vastly improved its online education offering in the following ways:

  1. Lecturers are able to share resources with others across the university while tailoring and personalising e-learning content for their own groups.
  2. Course creation and administration is largely automated. Lecturers simply upload their materials onto the site and Moodle integrates the material seamlessly with the delivery platform, and links it with relevant student groups. Lecturers have the option to manually change protocols if they wish, but the bulk of the work is done for them.
  3. The system communicates directly with the university’s Student Management System. This enables grades and other student assessment information to be automatically transferred, weighted, and recorded in individual student transcripts.
  4. Students and lecturers from different campuses can interact with each other, conveniently sharing the learning experience in a way that was not possible beforehand. 

In all, the new UniKL Moodle site has better functionality and is much easier to manage than the previous model. Not only is the online education process much more streamlined, the new site has saved on paperwork and hours of valuable time that can be better spent on actually educating the students. 

The project was such a success that UniKL commissioned Pukunui to work with them on a long-term basis, initially to provide e-learning integration compatible with the university’s other systems.

Pukunui provided continual technical support after the initial work to migrate Moodle to a new server, which included backups and upgrades as well as further integration, depending on demand. The management at UniKL expressed their confidence in our services and are happy they now have an e-learning system that benefits the whole university community. 

If your organisation would like to migrate Moodle to a new server, create an e-learning platform using Moodle or simply streamline and unify existing content, contact Pukunui for a consultation.

Jonathan Mathew

Jonathan specialises in business operations and account management. He joined Pukunui’s Malaysia office in 2020, building on his considerable management experience from companies based in the UK and India.

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