Pukunui is now a certified HRDF Training Provider, offering you excellent and high-quality LMS training. Join us for our HRDF Moodle courses!

All our LMS training courses involve using the Moodle LMS platform for the delivery of content, along with BigBlueButton for the video conferencing aspect.

What exactly is HRDF?

Human Resources Development Fund, commonly known by the acronym HRDF, is a Malaysian Statutory Body under the Ministry of Human Resources and envisions providing training and highly professional programs to Malaysia’s essential industries. HRDF Contribution helps enterprises keep up with the fast-evolving field of business.

How do HRDF Training Providers help employers?

As an employer registered with HRDF, you can claim back costs incurred in training or upskilling your staff as long as this training is done by an HRDF Training Provider like Pukunui. You can verify if a Training Provider currently has an active registration status, here. For more details on how to submit a claim, you can refer HRDF’s comprehensive user guide.

So, LMS training for free?

Essentially, yes. You can claim back various items involved in training, such as the costs for:
– Training fees and training material
– Training venue and meals
– Transportation and daily allowances for trainers/employees

Pukunui’s HRDF Moodle Courses

Whether you’re an educator, business trainer, administrator, or even a Moodle expert, we’ve got you covered. Our comprehensive list includes standard courses and also a few special courses to choose from.

Standard Courses

1. Pukunui Course Creator

This basic 2-day course is aimed at educators, trainers, and LMS course leaders. Our most popular HRDF Moodle course, we’ll take you through all the fundamentals of running or managing your own eLearning course. You’ll also learn how to get exciting and engaging multimedia content onto your courses, and how to support your learners by encouraging communication and feedback.
Bonus: Get tips and tricks for building online quizzes!

2. Pukunui Masterclass

This advanced 1-day HRDF Moodle course will dive deep into the Moodle LMS and help solidify your understanding of creating engaging LMS courses. We’ll show you how to use the software to its fullest and get those extra two grades out of your learners. Some of the advanced features covered in this course include Moodle Repositories, creating engaging content with conditionals, and customising roles. Staff, teachers, and administrators – this course is for you.
Bonus: Learn how to track what your users have accessed or completed!

3. Pukunui LMS Manager

Do you manage a Moodle site? What problems do you regularly face? Do you understand creating customised roles and permissions? How do you allow access to your site and courses? What reporting do you use?
This single-day training session will answer all these questions and more.
Bonus: You won’t have any questions after attending this course!

Special Courses

If you’re already a Moodle expert and would like to upgrade to Moodle user par excellence, these quick 90-minute sessions are for you.

1. Moodle Analytics

One of the most exciting and interesting new developments in the Moodle software is Learner Analytics. In this short course, we’ll look at setting up Learner Analytics and explore the similarities and differences between analytics and reporting. We’ll also examine its features, limitations, and most importantly, teach you how to use it to help your learners.

2. Getting started with Forums

Forums: This sounds like a very simple activity, yet there is so much one can do with it! In this quick course, we’ll help you understand which forums you need, and give you pro-tips on how to maximise its potential.

3. Moodle 3.10 – new features

If you’re looking to upgrade or you’ve just upgraded your LMS to Moodle 3.10 and not sure what to do next, this short course will give you the low-down on all things new. From scrolling timers on quizzes and choosing backpacks to payment gateways and custom H5P styles, we’ll make sure you’re well equipped to get the most out of the latest version of Moodle.

4. Getting started with H5P

If you’ve never heard of H5P before, you’re missing out on one of the most powerful tools for eLearning content. We’ll take you through creating engaging content using interactive videos, course presentations, and other content types. We’ll also show you how to add H5P activities to a course and embed these into other activities.

5. BigBlueButton

We’ve all heard about Zoom, WebEx, and Microsoft Teams and how useful they are. However, if you think these tools are mainstream, why not give BigBlueButton a try? We’ll take you through all the basic functionalities and also share handy tips on how to share notes, set polling questions, customisations, and much more.

Customised Courses

Would you like customised courses that are tailored to your organisation’s requirements?

Fill in the form below and we’ll have a quick discussion on how we can cater to your training needs.

Jonathan Mathew

Jonathan specialises in inbound sales, business operations, and account management. He joined Pukunui’s Malaysia office in 2020, building on his considerable management experience from companies based in the UK and India.

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