Sankyu and Pukunui to work together to develop a fully-functional Sankyu Academy Management System

By  Jonathan Mathew

Sankyu Human Resources & Technical Development (Southeast Asia) Sdn. Bhd., hereinafter Sankyu Technical Academy, has entered into an agreement with Pukunui Sdn. Bhd. to work together to develop the former’s all-new Sankyu Academy Management System (AMS). 

The two organisations will use their combined expertise to create this AMS for the administration, management, tracking, and reporting of end-to-end activities of trainees attending their physical and electronic learning courses. The AMS will also be used as a platform for the talent and skills management of Sankyu’s employees in Southeast Asia

With its headquarters in Japan, Sankyu’s core areas of business involve providing engineering, logistics, and operational support. The Sankyu Technical Academy in Johor is the first Sankyu training centre outside of Japan. Due to its strategic location in the heart of Southeast Asia, it enables Sankyu to provide human resources and technical training to their sister companies from Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, India, and Saudi Arabia.

Pukunui is a leading Learning Management System (LMS) provider, operating across the Asia Pacific region, with offices in Australia, Hong Kong, and Malaysia. They have a proven track record of working closely with universities, corporates, and government agencies to develop e-learning systems that are powerful and user-friendly, and Pukunui Sdn. Bhd (Malaysia) will undertake this exciting project.

Sankyu’s basic philosophy is to value people. When the world keeps on changing, people remain our most valuable assets in the company. We believe that by investing in people, it helps us sustain our business. We believe that human resource development is indispensable in order to contribute to the development of society through the growth of our business, which aligns with our management philosophy. Together with Pukunui, we will develop the AMS to support the learning curves of our people and to manage their talent. We also want to use more of our expertise to help the local community grow by inviting them to our academy in the future.

Kazuhiko Horiguchi, Sankyu Technical Academy’s Managing Director.

Pukunui Malaysia’s Managing Director, Vinny Stocker, echoed Sankyu’s sentiments. “We deeply appreciate the trust placed in us by Sankyu and we’re excited to dive head first into this challenging Sankyu Academy Management System (Sankyu AMS) project and timeline, building on our vast expertise in elearning.”

With the integrated capabilities of Sankyu Technical Academy and Pukunui, the new AMS will do away with all the manual administrative work, especially the use of spreadsheets, and enable Sankyu Technical Academy’s managers, trainers, and staff to fully focus on the learning and development of their trainees. Furthermore, the AMS will also help them to manage various aspects of skills assessment, training, learning, and logistics of their trainees.

Jonathan Mathew

Jonathan is the Sales and Operations Manager at Pukunui Sdn. Bhd. in Kuala Lumpur. He is passionate about personal development and enjoys building relationships with people. With years of experience, Jonathan has acquired a range of skills that include business operations, project operations, talent operations, finance operations, inbound sales and account management, business development, and copywriting. At Pukunui, Jonathan's role includes managing inbound sales, account management, projects, operations, business development, and copywriting. Pukunui specialises in developing e-learning systems / Learning Management Systems for educational institutions, corporate companies, and Government agencies. Jonathan enjoys talking to people and has a good sense of humour. He is a passionate musician and footballer in his free time.

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