I recently had the pleasure of delivering a one-day training on Pukunui LMS Manager to Asia eUniversity (AeU) staff. The training was geared towards individuals responsible for managing Moodle™ sites. It covered a wide range of topics, including site settings, user accounts, roles and custom roles, authentication methods, enrolment methods, and managing courses and categories.

1, 2, 3, start!

The training began with a discussion of site settings, where I explained the main admin settings and how to navigate the Moodle™ interface. The staff then learned about user accounts and the different roles and custom roles that can be assigned to users. We also covered the different authentication and enrolment methods available and how to set them up.

Next, the staff delved into managing courses and categories. I demonstrated how to add new categories, how to manage existing courses, how to add new courses, and how to back up and restore courses. I also discussed the course default settings and how to upload courses.

After lunch, the staff learned about the appearance of the Moodle™ site, including the different themes available and how to customize the look and feel of the site. We also covered reporting and custom reports, where I explained the different logs and report options available and how to create custom reports.

Throughout the training, the staff were highly engaged and actively participated in the hands-on activities and group discussions. They found the training highly valuable, as they could apply the concepts they learned in a practical setting. They also enjoyed the interactive nature of the training, which allowed them to ask questions and share their experiences with the rest of the group.

After the training, the staff could use the knowledge they gained to improve their Moodle™ site, making it more user-friendly and efficient for their learners. They could customise their site settings, manage user accounts, and create custom roles. They also learned how to manage courses and categories, backup and restore courses, and create custom reports.

The End

Overall, it was a great experience to deliver this training. The staff were highly motivated and eager to learn. I believe the training benefited them and will help them manage their Moodle™ site more efficiently and effectively for their learners. Pukunui‘s tagline is forever ” Facilitating education”.

Staff with me
Happy Faces after the session.

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Putri Nor Atteya

Putri's passion for eLearning can be traced back to 2015, when she spent significant time working on various eLearning tools. As an LMS Consultant and trainer, she specializes in Moodle platform and H5P

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