The challenge of delivering high-quality online learning is a critical hurdle for many organisations. Navigating the complexities of Learning Management Systems (LMS) can be daunting, particularly for global organisations seeking to standardise and streamline their educational efforts. This case study explores how Pukunui partnered with the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) to overcome these challenges, providing comprehensive elearning solutions across various Asian countries.

The Challenge: A Global Learning Initiative

WIPO, the global forum for intellectual property policy, services, information, and cooperation, was faced with the task of standardising and improving intellectual property education across various Asian countries. They needed a robust and reliable LMS solution that could cater to the diverse needs of learners across multiple regions. Additionally, the transition to a new system needed to be as seamless as possible to avoid disruption to their ongoing programs​.

Pukunui WIPO LMS Solutions: Expertise Meets Innovation

Pukunui stepped up to the challenge, leveraging our deep expertise in Moodle™ elearning solutions. Our team, based in Australia, Malaysia, and Hong Kong, offers comprehensive LMS hosting services, support, training, and consulting. With a commitment to ensuring the smooth operation of LMS sites, we enable organisations like WIPO to focus on their core mission – their learners​.

Pukunui supports over 500 LMS sites in the Asia Pacific region alone, providing training, hosting, and bespoke Moodle development work. This extensive experience positioned us perfectly to address WIPO’s needs​.

Overcoming Challenges: The WIPO – Pukunui Partnership

MyIPO Malaysia

In Malaysia, WIPO faced the challenge of efficiently training its staff on the new Moodle LMS. Pukunui provided a tailored 5-day training program, designed to quickly get staff up to speed. We also created custom training content to support ongoing learning and offered half a day per month of support, training, consultancy, and content for 12 months, ensuring they were never left without expert help.

MyIPO staff with Putri from Pukunui
MyIPO staff with Putri from Pukunui

DIP Cambodia

In Cambodia, WIPO needed to migrate their existing system to the new Moodle LMS without disruption. Pukunui assessed their specific Moodle Development Needs and then provided migration and technical support to ensure a seamless transition. We also created new content and documentation and provided a total of 4 days of training and development.

DIP Cambodia team with Vinny from Pukunui
WIPO and DIP Cambodia team with Vinny from Pukunui

DPDT Bangladesh

In Bangladesh, WIPO again required a seamless migration to the new Moodle LMS. Following our successful model in Cambodia, we assessed their specific needs, provided migration and technical support, and then delivered 3 days of dedicated training and development.

DGIP Indonesia

In Indonesia, WIPO was in the early stages of its transition to a new LMS. Pukunui provided crucial migration and technical support, laying the groundwork for a successful change.

Reflections and Future Aspirations

Our collaboration with WIPO has been deeply rewarding. We’ve been inspired by their dedication and their enthusiasm for enhancing intellectual property education across different countries. Assisting them in establishing competencies and individual learning plans was a highlight of our work together, contributing significantly to the success of our partnership.

We want to express our gratitude to the WIPO team for their trust in our expertise and their unwavering commitment to this project. We are looking forward to a continued partnership, eager to meet future challenges and opportunities in the evolving landscape of digital learning.

Thank you, WIPO, for this fruitful collaboration. Here’s to many more years of mutual growth and success!

Pukunui’s Partnership Approach

WIPO’s challenges are not uncommon in today’s digital world. The need for effective, reliable online learning solutions is a universal concern. Pukunui’s partnership with WIPO demonstrates our commitment to addressing these challenges head-on, delivering customised solutions that ensure smooth, effective learning experiences.

At Pukunui, we don’t just offer services; we offer a partnership. We’re dedicated to sharing our knowledge to help you get the best out of your elearning website. Our customised LMS training programs, strategic consulting, and technical support make your elearning effective and powerful​.

In a world where digital learning is increasingly essential, Pukunui stands ready to help you navigate the complexities of setting up and managing an LMS. Contact us today to learn how we can make managing an LMS easy for you, just like we did with our WIPO LMS solutions.

Vinny Stocker

Vinny is an experienced educator and technologist with over 25 years of leadership experience in the field of information and communication technologies (ICT) in education. He is the Managing Director of Pukunui Sdn Bhd, a leading Learning Management Systems provider in Malaysia, where he has successfully implemented e-learning systems for some of the largest universities in the country. He is also a recognised expert in the field of Moodle, having trained hundreds of teachers on various versions of the software and regularly presenting at educational conferences in South East Asia. Vinny is known for his progressive and driven approach, as well as his ability to provide practical and effective solutions that promote student progress and learning. He is an accomplished entrepreneur, published author, and a down-to-earth and approachable individual dedicated to improving education through innovative integration of ICT.

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