Training courses for Elearning Kuala Lumpur

Coming up in September, we more courses for Elearning Kuala Lumpur. You can contact us directly today for more information.

Pukunui Course Creator. For teachers and trainers starting out on their Moodle™ journey

This two-day Moodle training is for teachers and lecturers. It is also useful for those using Moodle for business. We will learn about the core features of Moodle and show you how to design elearning courses.

Pukunui Course Creator Training:
11 Sep 17 – 12 Sep 17

Pukunui LMS Manager. For system administrators and those looking after Moodle™ sites

This one-day training is for managers of a Moodle™ site. The training has been designed to cover a wide variety of site administration settings.

Pukunui LMS Manager Training:
13 Sep 17

Pukunui Course Creator & Pukunui LMS Manager Combo. Great discounts compared to buying them separately.

Course Creator & Manager Combo:
11 Sep 17 – 13 Sep 17
RM3,350 *Special*

Get the most from you learning management system. Our LMS training uses a modular online training course. We discuss course design and important aspects of your learning management system. As a result, our computer based training courses provide customer success. So whether you are looking for corporate training or higher education training we can help. We also run government sector training, and can maximise your Moodle LMS platform and business performance. For full course outlines see https://pukunui.com/lms-training/

About Our Trainer

Vinny is a seasoned teacher and technologist with 20+ years of educational leadership. He has ICT experience across a range of contexts including England, Thailand, Turkey, and Malaysia. Vinny started using ICT to enhance classroom practice by making websites for his students in the early days of the internet. His interest exploded with the realisation of the power of tools such as Moodle. Vinny began using Moodle in 2004 and has gone on to train hundreds of teachers, while regularly presenting at educational conferences in South East Asia including Keynote speaker for the 2013 Australian Schools Moodle Moot in Sydney. In addition, he is also a published author, and elearning consultant.


Vinny Stocker

Vinny leads the Malaysian team. He's a published author, instructional designer, and Moodle consultant at Pukunui. Vinny also runs LMS training throughout South East Asia.

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