If you run a Moodle site, most likely you will have some third-party plugins. Moodle plugins are popular with users everywhere. The popularity of these plugins is measured by the number of downloads with the theme-based plugins among the most popular. Let’s look at the most popular Moodle plugins of 2018.

So, what are Most Popular Moodle Plugins of 2018?

Most Popular Moodle Plugins 2018
Data taken from – https://moodle.org/plugins/stats.php


The clear winner is Adaptable. In the last 12 months of at the time of writing, users have downloaded Adaptable more than 65,000 times. It is highly customizable and responsive Moodle theme, and one I like to use on my Moodle sites. It offers additional layout settings and the configuration options are endless (almost).


It’s great to see Essential at number two in the list. This tried and tested plugin doesn’t disappoint. It makes your Moodle look modern and stylish, and I would guess is the most downloaded Moodle plugin of all time.

Interactive Content – H5P

H5P has gained a huge amount of popularity this year, and it’s easy to see why. The plugin offers a way to incorporate H5P quizzes, interactive videos, and collages. It is highly responsive, HTML5, free to use, and open-source. For more information about H5P check out this post.


Used mainly in blended learning environments, with the Attendance plugin, teachers and organizations can track the sessions spent with students. It can be used to replace paper based registers, and can be setup to allow students to record their own attendance.


One plugin which wasn’t in the top ten earlier this year is Eguru. This is an easy to set up Moodle theme with some nice built in colour schemes and is popular with our K-12 schools.


Another popular Moodle theme Klass, uses a large eye catching slider on the site homepage. Whether you are a fan of sliders or not, this Moodle theme is worth checking out.


Academi offers users a seamless experience while viewing or reading anything from the Moodle site. It is clean, modern and fully responsive and it’s compatible with all Moodle versions from 2.6-3.5. So, useful if you are running an older version of the software (but why would you?).


We’re big fans of BigBlueButton. The plugin BigBlueButtonBN allows you to embed the BBB video conferencing software into your Moodle courses. BBB is ideal for teachers who want include webinar sessions to their online learning courses. You will need a separate BBB server if you want to save your webinar recordings or use it with a large number of users, but we can help you with that.


Moove is one of my favorite Moodle themes. I’ve use it a lot on client sites, and on the last few iMoot sites. This simple and modern theme has some nice features including progress bars for each topic on the course page.


Last on the list of the Most Popular Moodle Plugins of 2018, Fordson is another Moodle theme with a host of settings, preconfigured layouts and additional features. It helps students to move seamlessly from logging in to starting their lessons and has a clear focus on the user experience.

How can we help?

All of these plugins are freely available from https://moodle.org/plugins/ You can download them (or depending on your Moodle setup) add them directly from the admin interface to your Moodle site.

If you are a client of ours, drop us an email if you would like any of them added to your Moodle site.

Vinny Stocker

Vinny leads the Malaysian team. He's a published author, instructional designer, and Moodle consultant at Pukunui. Vinny also runs LMS training throughout South East Asia.

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